Saturday 16th April 2016

Motorcycle Parking at Ferry Meadows

source: Peterborough MAG

Back in Dec 2015 the Nene Part Trust (Charity) announced a revamp and the introduction of parking charges via Number plate recognition cameras ( for all users, stating it was a fair system.

There has never been a motorcycle parking area at Ferry Meadows, was it fair to pay and park in a car bay with no option of securing your bike to a rail!

Thanks to the work of Peterborough MAG & The Nene Park Trust, there is somewhere now to park away from the cars with a security rail.

Big thanks to the MAG members who turned up this morning for the press release photo shoot, a tad on the damp side & for Greg Higby Head Ranger for meeting us to see the area in use.

MAG does make a difference!

If you're not a member, Join MAG:

Motorcycles, scooters & mopeds.

Update from Park with Ease:

You are welcome to pay for your stay by following the instructions below

enter registration

click go

click cant find my reg

enter the times you were on site (exact times are not essential) you should then be able to proceed to payment

I hope these instructions help

Kind Regards

Park With Ease

Read press story here!

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Well Done Tom!

source: Motorcycle Action Group

At our AGC last weekend one of the awards presented was a 'Certificate of Merit', Tom Wyatt was put forward for the award by Andy Carrott for all his hard work manning MAG stands and raising money for the cause. Tom could not be at the AGC but was presented it last night at his local group, Peterborough MAG by his Regional Deputy Rep Mike Eggerton.

Tom will be taking his award to school this morning, yes school, Tom is only just 11yr old. He will also be telling his class mates & Teacher what we do and will be handing out 'Think Bike' car window stickers.

Maybe the future of biking is safe with youngsters like Tom as members. We believe Tom is the youngest to receive this award, well done Tom

Tom is the son of Tink Hammond (Peterborough Rep), a very proud Mam.

Monday 11th April 2016


source: Peterborough MAG

I'm pleased to inform that Peterborough MAG has picked up the The Steve Tannock Teamwork Award at the 2016 AGC

This is awarded to the local group, region or other team of MAG members who, in the opinion of the National Committee, have made a significant joint contribution to the work of the Group.

Also member young Tom has received a Merit Award in recognition of his contribution to the Motorcycle Action Group and Riders Rights. Ok he doesn't know yet as he wasn't present at the AGC and will be presented with his certificate at our meeting on Tuesday (12th April).

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