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Wednesday 13th April 2016

Well Done Tom!

source: Motorcycle Action Group

At our AGC last weekend one of the awards presented was a 'Certificate of Merit', Tom Wyatt was put forward for the award by Andy Carrott for all his hard work manning MAG stands and raising money for the cause. Tom could not be at the AGC but was presented it last night at his local group, Peterborough MAG by his Regional Deputy Rep Mike Eggerton.

Tom will be taking his award to school this morning, yes school, Tom is only just 11yr old. He will also be telling his class mates & Teacher what we do and will be handing out 'Think Bike' car window stickers.

Maybe the future of biking is safe with youngsters like Tom as members. We believe Tom is the youngest to receive this award, well done Tom

Tom is the son of Tink Hammond (Peterborough Rep), a very proud Mam.